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114 / Spork
how Denver does blockchain
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The main Denver event has a different vibe than New York and BananaconfConf, and this is the pull that makes Denver special in the blockchain world.

113 / 9M
Modded, private game servers with just a click
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Supporting Minecraft, Source Engine, Voice Servers, Rust, Terraria, The Forest, GTA V, ARK Survival Evolved, 7 Days To Die, GTA SA MP, Insurgency Sandstorm, Satisfactory, Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2 Classic, Unturned, Sons of the Forest, Red Dead Redemption 2, ARMA, Black Mesa, Quake Live, Starbound, Subnautica, Citadel: Forged with fire, Squad, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor 2,Icarus, Sven Co-op, DayZ, Palworld

112 / NFTs are dead
Do you want hexagons, or Mercedes and DNS?
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X drops support for hexagons in profile photos, we added it back. Qumosi is your biggest fan for your projects. Namefi secures your DNS names with NFTs.

111 / Paid apps
looking at open source paid apps
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The business plan is right there. The product is right there. It's fast track to learning and making your own product.

110 / Discreet
log contracts
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A new primitive to use Bitcoin across other networks using oracles with limited abilities.

109 / Anita
max wynn?
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We look at the signals and noise in the subculture of memecoins, also known as lottery tickets

108 / NFT bingo
Reviewing 2023 predictions
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Reviewing the 2023 predictions for NFT and the final verdicts on the bingo card. Also looking at travel plans for the upcoming year.

107 / December hack city
Are your favorite projects safe?
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Examining the use of CVEs in reporting vulnerabilities within Ethereum projects, recent authorization attacks on protocols like Floor and NFT Trader, and discussing whether an exploit in Bitcoin inscriptions is a feature or a bug.

106 / Bullish
advanced chart analysis
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In this episode, we cover technical analysis, trading strategies, alternative options to cryptocurrency, NFT-related topics, and more. We discuss predicting price movements, using trading bots, and comparing crypto to gold. We also address listener questions, share updates on partnerships, touch on gaming and encryption, and invite hacking experiences for future discussions.

105 / Sneakers
a passion for collecting
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In this discussion with Barney Wang, we look at a passion for collecting sneakers. How to deal with your parents, how to make it a business and successful pivots with celebrities and collectors making into a career.

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