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123 / Spearphishing
don't run crypto apps
Photo of schein_berg Photo of fulldecent Photo of vjdeliria +1

A crypto expert discusses sophisticated spear phishing in the crypto sector, experiences with scammers, and the importance of due diligence like KYC. They also highlight strategies to avoid email-based crypto scams and engage with others on potential collaborations, emphasizing the need for cautious interaction in the crypto world.

122 / A major brand
will digital twin all their consumer products
Photo of 0x7jay Photo of cryptonerdylady Photo of fulldecent +3

In this episode, speakers discuss the FTC ending non-compete clauses, enhancing employees' ability to switch jobs without restrictions. The conversation also covers how QR codes and blockchain technology will revolutionize product tracking, leading to improvements in authenticity verification, recall efficiency, and carbon tracing for consumer goods. The implications for commerce, small businesses, and the tech industry are explored with optimism for future developments.

121 / Self selection
in-group NFT communities
Photo of vjdeliria Photo of terminaldao Photo of fulldecent +5

In this episode, speakers discuss the evolution of NFTs and community building in the space. They touch on different aspects of digital communities, regulations, and the future of online events, including the role of metaverse platforms. The episode also covers a variety of upcoming events in the tech and crypto world.

120 / Last Last Crumb
more cookies, beers and product labelling
Photo of lastcrumbcookie Photo of kishi4sol Photo of kawasaki4sol +2

Will and Kevin go through a variety of gourmet cookies, each paired with a complementary beer. They critique flavors like lemon bar, peanut butter, and red velvet, discussing the balance of sweetness, texture, and overall enjoyment. Top picks include the chocolate chip and lemon bar cookies, while red velvet ranks lower. They highlight the importance of beer pairings in enhancing the cookie tasting experience.

119 / Last Crumb
cookies, beers and product labelling
Photo of lastcrumbcookie Photo of kawasaki4sol Photo of epicsdao2 +2

Beer connoisseur Kevin Spier joins for beer and cookie pairings. They discuss a unique cookie brand known for luxury, limited-edition treats and NFT collaborations. They unbox and taste-test various flavors, emphasizing the quality, branding, and experience of cookie consumption.

118 / Energy cookies
confections plus community
Photo of kylemeyer32 Photo of legend Photo of bonzenitsuki +8

Energy drinks, cookies and brands we know... all in the booths at NFT nyc. Looking at the interesting brand plays and how the contribute to our vision. Great progress on business models.

117 / Liquid NFTs
do you want artwork that's a liquidity pool?
Photo of oddcod3 Photo of abel_okugawa Photo of fulldecent +11

We review ERC 404 which pairs an NFT with a liquid ERC 20 token, enabling DeFi interactions. Looks at issues, confusion arising from transfers, potential security risks, and market reactions.

116 / Starting with Xcode
how to open source your first thing
Photo of 0x7jay Photo of vjdeliria Photo of rito_rhymes +1

We dive into the intricate process of starting an Xcode project using Swift. We explore the best practices for setting up a Swift Module Template, troubleshooting common issues, and navigating Xcode's quirks. Tune in for a hands-on demonstration.

115 / Foggie Max
how you know when DePIN is popular
Photo of fogworksinc Photo of alpine95014 Photo of vjdeliria +17

Different people, tech and not tech, all asking questions about DePIN. We interview the team around Foggie Max and discuss Aioz and DIMO to learn about these new models

114 / Spork
how Denver does blockchain
Photo of ryestew Photo of terminaldao Photo of lazererik +1

The main Denver event has a different vibe than New York and BananaconfConf, and this is the pull that makes Denver special in the blockchain world.

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