3 / Area smart contract review

This week we review the Area NFT smart contract, discuss the Tesla Model T, and how to find all your tokens on OpenSea for a collection and transfer them at the lowest cost with nft.life. We also discuss how to set up Mocha for list testing your code, and hacking Twitch to let you link to a video recording before it's published. We also discuss guidelines for Hardhat.


00:00 Intro
00:45 The agenda
02:27 Area contract intro
07:22 Push and pull Ether sending
17:49 Ethereum should be illegal
33:49 Free tool: batch transfer NFTs
44:19 Adidas drop gamed by robot?
01:13:15 Composing the Tweet


Episode notes

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Episode 1—The first Community Service Hour

ORIGINALLY AIRED 2021-12-07 / wrap-up Tweet / LinkedIn post