13 / The predictions episode

In episode 13, we're diving into predictions for the future of crypto. Will NFTs crash in 2022? We explore the potential challenges facing this emerging market. We also review the Super Bowl LVI commercials and give our hot takes on projects like Immutable X, chains like Solana, and the future of DAOs. Plus, learn how to get involved full-time in open source, the pros and cons of hackathons, and the best YouTube channels for crypto info. Don't miss out on valuable insights and predictions for the future of crypto! Watch the video now and join the conversation.


00:00 Intro
00:47 Will NFTs collapse in 2022?
08:06 Immutable X hot take
10:13 Do chains like Solana have a future?
14:19 DAOs don't seem to work without centralization
17:02 How to get involved full time in open source
22:13 Hackathons are bad
22:42 Hackathons can be good
27:08 The only useful crypto info on YouTube
27:55 Mini minter
29:18 Foundry hot take


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