14 / All about style

In episode 14, we discuss topics such as the future of blog posts, the new blog, NFTs as securities, Will promoting smoking, picking a web3 lawyer, launching a project in a specific country, and more.


00:00 Intro
01:04 Future blog posts
02:12 The new blog
02:38 Are NFTs securities?
03:40 Why is Will promoting smoking?
06:35 How to pick a web3 lawyer?
07:46 Which country should you launch your project in?
08:42 Who released Hillary Clinton's emails?
10:11 How to go to jail selling NFTs
10:40 ERC721a hot take
11:20 Who is Su?
11:53 Solidity style guide PR review
18:25 ERC721a trick for picking bits


Episode notes

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Episode 14 Costanza Byzantine fault tolerance