17 / KYC tokens, ±ratings tokens

In episode 17, we're discussing the play-to-earn trend in crypto. We review projects like DeFi Kingdoms, DeFi Land, and Formula E High Voltage. We also explore NFT tokens for compliance (KYC) and their role in white-listing, proof of X, and badges. Plus, we delve into non-transferrable fungible tokens and their use in token curated registries and rating smart contracts. Don't miss out on valuable insights and predictions for the future of crypto! Watch the video now and join the conversation.


00:00 Intro
00:44 Drexel 40 under 40
01:33 play to earn can be illegal in 3 different ways, why stop there?
02:43 but why is gold farming legal?
04:47 KYC tokens
08:21 mint passes
17:14 how I stay humble
18:22 negative value fungible tokens
25:57 open research topics for DAOs
27:50 ConstitutionDAO is not a DAO
33:30 distributed IDs (DID)
38:25 what's wrong with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
44:41 the secret to implementing blockchain QR codes with private data


Episode notes

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