18 / I got hacked now what?

In episode 18, we talk about what to do if you get hacked. We also share tips on how to create a smart contract, review NFT platforms and dive into the topic of incident response. Join us as we discuss the most damage possible with one malicious Ethereum transaction and how to prepare for possible attacks.


00:00 Intro
00:49 Preparing for NFT Tallinn
00:57 Blog post: Ethics in buying NFTs
01:23 The first NFT I bought
02:23 How to find the spec for writing your own NFT smart contract
04:33 The easy way to make NFTs
05:17 Reviewing NFT platforms
08:00 The fake Azuki airdrop
09:31 Why people using MetaMask keep getting hacked
10:30 Getting hacked with a bad transaction
12:20 How much damage is possible with one malicious TX?
16:11 How they can do a batch attack
17:16 The most damage possible
17:41 But will people really do that?
18:21 The most damage in one message
20:08 Something weights 100 lbs


Episode notes

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