19 / Reentrancy

In episode 19, we discuss the recent Wolf Game reentrancy attack and its implications. We also cover Omnichain, the reason why bridges and L2s keep getting hacked, and the different types of vulnerabilities in bridges. Join us for valuable insights on reentrancy and security in the blockchain space.


00:00 Intro
00:40 NFT Tallinn updates
02:04 Wolf Game hack
02:51 Is safeTransferFrom bad?
04:05 Check effects interactions pattern
04:39 What does a reentrancy vulnerability look like?
06:21 A CS definition of reentrancy issues
07:08 A math definition of reentrancy issues
08:21 What is Ethereum Magicians?
08:59 What is Ethereum Cat Herders?
13:04 Kinds of vulnerabilities in bridges
13:43 Basic attacks on bridges


Episode notes

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