20 / DAO vote hacking

In episode 20, we discuss the recent Beanstalk hack, where vote buying was used to steal over $182 million from the DAO. We also delve into the security of bridges and the ratio of assets under management versus the size of the army watching the vault. Additionally, we examine the iron triangle of decentralized, scalable and secure systems, and why PoS is more centralized than PoW.


02:12 What is the largest DAO?
03:11 Analysis of congress applies to DAOs / Beanstalk hack
07:59 Is PoS is more centralized than PoW?
09:15 The cost to make a long-running fork of Ethereum PoW
11:43 Why Ethereum PoS is centralized
14:33 What is the blockchain trilemma?
15:09 Fragging and the blockchain trilemma
15:25 The fundamental scalability trilemma problem of blockchain is the speed of light
23:13 Is solar powered Bitcoin farming good?
23:56 Why are bridges and Tether insecure?


Episode notes

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