22 / What is Community Service Hour?

In episode 22, we talk about the NFT.nyc speech and the progress of the group so far. We also discuss technical contract questions, including how to distribute tokens for a decentralized project and how to do a post-mortem for NFT getting hacked. Join us for valuable insights on Community Service Hour and the world of NFTs.


00:00 Intro
00:41 Homework assignments
02:04 Free work for your project
02:36 Will's background
05:02 How to get your page in Wikipedia
06:18 037's question about marketplaces
06:48 Spend ERC-20s to buy ERC-721s
08:10 How to decentralize token creation
11:48 ERC-721 vending machines
14:53 Where is the big red button if you get hacked
17:37 The one trick in ERC-721 spec that helps if you get hacked


Episode notes

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