25 / Play to Earn?

In this episode, we discuss the MetaMask JavaScript scam and the solution to it, as well as the concept of NFT "whitelist" and why "play-to-earn" games fail.


00:00 Intro
00:46 Agenda
01:07 MetaMask JavaScript scam
03:00 Live demo, track you even if you don't connect MetaMask
08:49 The solution
09:45 NFT "whitelist"
14:57 Light.art has these features, open sourced!
15:44 Dan's slide why P2E fails
17:05 Slide 2 minecraft
17:52 Slide 3 P2E
18:33 Negative sum game
19:42 Xinbev on the scene
20:03 Okay to use tokens outside the ecosystem
21:09 Farmers and whales
22:28 Is P2E a game of skill or a game of chance?
23:18 Cynical about all web3 tokens?


Episode notes

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