26 / Vj Deliria

Special guest VjDeliria joins the show to discuss the Latin American NFT community, Avalanche and Algorand's impact in the region, and different funding models for open source projects.


00:46 Special guest VjDeliria
02:12 Our drop together
02:48 How is Latin NFT world different?
06:19 What is Avalanche doing in LATAM?
10:08 Asking about Algorand
11:00 What are other open source funding models?
16:09 Is any organization decentralized?
18:04 The Red Hat model
19:26 Why Ethereum Foundation doesn't do consulting
20:33 The history of Hicetnunc
22:36 Using pull payment vs push payment
27:52 Exploit with ownerOf
33:24 Car titles and metaphysics
35:54 What do you buy when you buy an NFT?
36:54 ERC721a


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