28 / Soulbound

In this episode, we discuss soulbound tokens, its characteristics, and how it connects to a soul. We also talk about China's social credit system and the use cases of soulbound tokens.


00:40 Pushing Ether sends control
02:38 Full disclaimer if you want to push ether
03:31 Soulbound tokens, good or bad?
04:52 Can soulbound tokens be fungible AND nonfungible?
07:51 Star of David is a soulbound token?
08:32 What tattoos are soulbound tokens? not all
09:28 Should soulbound tokens be transferrable?
13:54 Soulbound does not require immutable
14:13 How do you connect to a soul?
15:38 Deep into the metaphysics of souls
20:00 China social credit system
20:47 The SBT use cases
25:54 A personal, question did you overestimate or underestimate what was coming?


Episode notes

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