29 / Live at NFT.nyc

Join Will Warren and special guest co-host Ian Utile as they reflect on four years of NFTs and look back at the first NFT.nyc conference in 2018. They discuss the evolution of the NFT space and the current state of interoperability and bridge technology. Discover what they believe the future holds for NFTs and the potential of Web 2.5.


01:54 What if this had happened 4 years ago
06:06 How was June 21, 2018?
06:43 How was the first NFT.nyc keynote?
09:54 Gabe Viggers in the house
11:37 Compare, contrast 2022 v 2021
21:35 Specific examples of Web 2.5?
25:18 What about interop
25:44 A perfect world with bridges?
27:27 Pros and cons of having so many speakers at NFT.nyc


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