31 / Supply finance

Join William Entriken and Daniel Tedesco as they explore the intersection of NFTs and luxury goods, the challenges of transitioning from web2 to web3 development, and the potential of using web3 technology in supply chain finance. They also discuss the ERC-721 transfer event exception and the cheapest NFT platform for teaching kids.


00:00 Intro
00:56 Luxury + NFT, what to use?
05:04 How to go from Web2 dev to Web3?
06:19 Q from Anand
07:53 The ERC-721 transfer event exception
13:16 Cheapest NFT platform to teach kids?
16:43 How much did Will play SMB1?
17:48 Tripping NFTs?
18:28 Web3 and supply chain finance?
30:54 Live first impression of VeChain


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