36 / The Solidity Bug 0.8.16

The Solidity bug is back and our team is on it! Join them in reviewing the latest contract updates and minifying the bug case. Find out what they discover in the world of decentralized apps.


00:00 Intro
00:49 Follow up -- review Arbitrum/Bridgeworld Harvesters
06:09 Solidity blog write up
07:03 One trick with Etherscan/Remix
09:12 Minimize this test case
13:28 The basic testing process (to minimize)
15:24 Does it have to be public?
19:10 No zero-length arrays?
22:13 Minify around the helper function
23:40 Minify out the function input
25:25 Published minified test case
26:00 Find this bug in Seaport?
36:12 $3M alpha live on this show?
38:18 Also check the old Wyvern protocol
44:00 Ethics, is livestreaming zerodays good?


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