37 / Royalties, optional?

What happens when the transfer of ownership is tied to the payment of royalties? Tune in as we dive into NFT royalties and the different ways they can be enforced on-chain and off-chain.


00:00 Intro
01:02 Beeple's hot note on royalties
05:40 ERC-721 -- require payment to SELL an NFT
07:21 IRL all transactions are already private
08:50 Are auction prices actually public?
12:33 Two ways enforce royalties on-chain
12:48 Sell no taksies-backsies
13:08 Sell large enough increment
15:33 Managing at the token contract level
14:31 Off-chain enforcement
14:56 These are encumberences
15:47 HOAs and NFTs
17:18 Are NFTs owned or really licensed?


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