41 / Phygital NFTs

Join the Community Service team as they explore the world of phygital NFTs. Learn about how NFTs that redeem for physical things work and discover the exciting new Rawlings NFT project launching tomorrow. #NFTs #Phygital


00:45 Introducing the team
01:20 Disclosures
01:46 The project link
02:23 Companion NFTs vs. custody NFTs
03:34 Plushies and other digital twins
05:32 Why do I need to destroy the token!?
13:13 Effect on token rarity
14:54 Rito raps explainer for MFTs
20:04 Who is entitled, NFT holder or physical holder?
32:02 NFC tech
32:32 A wallet IS NOT a person
36:39 Blind shipping (privacy)
38:12 Rawlings doesn't need help selling gloves
43:41 How pricing was chosen


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