42 / International NFT Day

Discover the history and evolution of NFTs as the hosts celebrate International NFT Day. Learn about the latest token standards and how NFTs could come to China.


01:15 037's questions from Ep 22
02:07 Revisiting Rawlings NFT drop, already got 2 fake copycat collections!
05:53 Happy international NFT day
06:40 Slava in the house
07:26 Why did you get into this?
08:45 You do other token standards?
10:45 What are the more recent standards you're watching?
12:06 Hellomoto, why Su Squares not featured in Flow's timeline?
13:41 Should we airdrop NFTs for the show?
20:30 The 185-square plot
27:03 John, erc721a
29:09 Profanity vanity wallet hack


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