44 / Dirtyhash

Discover the risks and potential applications of recommendation tokens in the world of growing US regulations with guest speaker Amit Verma from Dirtyhash.com.


00:40 Welcome
00:43 Special guest Amit
02:23 Today's anti-fraud environment
02:59 What happens when you get blocked?
04:55 What about false flags?
07:00 Using ML
08:06 Set up a DAO?
08:44 Insurance product
10:33 Just do it using a real bank
14:18 Hacking the TOS and Privacy Policy
23:06 Wrap up
24:26 What was your motivation?
25:35 How long you been at it
27:53 Does it have OFAC list?
29:24 Other scam data sources
31:46 A new model for business models


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