46 / Moonstream

We're joined by the founder of Moonstream, Neeraj, as he delves into the world of sustainable blockchain game economies. Learn about the challenges of decentralizing a community and the role of game design in web3 games. #blockchain #web3games #metaverse


01:40 Intro Neeraj
02:45 What will make web3 games break out?
05:03 Does SMB1 ownership values like Web3?
06:35 The metaverse is really about communities
07:06 Neeraj motivation
08:54 Prerequisites for this call
13:03 Reputations in Moonstream community
13:42 How do you decentralize a community?
14:14 ICO token distributions
15:30 Why it's impossible to build a DAO
16:46 How are arcades like DAOs?
19:17 The secret for avoiding large community incentive problems!
21:55 Hire a game designer to make daos?
23:00 Where is the fun in web3 games?
24:04 How game design affects lore
25:50 Dark forest vs StarCraft



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Episode notes

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Guest: Neeraj of Moonsteam.to. founder of Moonstream, Neeraj, via Game7. He thinks much more deeply about how to make blockchain game economies sustainable than just about anyone I know. And they open source everything.

Neeraj’s X: https://twitter.com/zomglings

Moonstream Discord: https://discord.gg/BSxjMyfWgW