47 / Our upcoming DAO?

Join us as we discuss the potential for a DAO in this episode and share our thoughts on good design for airdrops and DAOs. Plus, learn about our latest TikTok ventures.


00:50 The new TikTok account
01:37 Promo TikTok 1
02:08 Promo TikTok 2
03:01 Promo TikTok 3
03:24 Promo TikTok 4
04:22 Promo TikTok 5
04:42 Promo TikTok 5
05:56 Promo TikTok 7
06:25 Promo TikTok 8
07:20 Promo TikTok 9
10:43 Should we make a DAO for this group?
16:56 Compare to LinkedIn recommendations
26:00 Thank yous cost money, everything web3 costs money



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