55 / Apes, Bagels, ChatGPT, Dan in PA

Dan and Will live! Get the inside scoop on NFTs, blockchain, and ChatGPT. Explore the potential of using ChatGPT and neural applications for blockchain, discover why some luxury brands embrace counterfeit goods, and see the Bored Bagels unboxing and NFT sticker boards. #NFT #blockchain #GPT


00:00 Intro
00:40 The secret box
00:55 NFT live shopping?
01:31 Newsworthy?
06:49 What blockchain things should we do with GPT?
08:02 Can GitHub Copilot write Solidity?
11:30 The other neural network tool for NFTs
12:44 Do creators really want art generators?
17:47 How do we make everything into NFTs?
19:19 NFT supply chain for everything
20:18 Some luxury brands WANT counterfeit goods
21:43 Bored Bagels unboxing
23:16 The NFT sticker board
23:22 Ella's first cameo
24:21 Bill's first cameo
24:26 How did Su Squares get PO BOX 123?
28:53 Can/should you build a business on the Bored Ape brand?
29:52 Value proposition of BAYC versus CryptoPunks
34:07 How does artist dilution affect current collectors?
36:12 The Reddit NFT avatars


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