69 / SEC vs CFTC
Can you get sued by both?

In this episode, we go over the implications of SEC''s allegations against TRON and other notable individuals within the cryptocurrency industry. We also discuss the significance of disclosing paid promotions for tokens, the legality of token securities in the testnet, and our experiment with a JSON-to-YAML converter.


00:00 Intro
00:30 Numerology 69
00:50 tbone updates
01:30 Data minimization fo real
04:43 Few shotting
09:08 SEC and CFTC homerun
11:16 Paid promotions rules
12:34 My video, paid promotion
12:49 Are testnet tokens securities!?
15:22 What tokens did Will buy?
16:10 You indemnify MetaMask?
17:01 Binance and VPNs
18:31 SEC CFTC Risk



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