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In this episode, we discuss NFT event ticketing, the current state of Yuga Labs, and explore the concept of blockchain-inspired database design. We delve into the potential of NFT ticketing applications, reviewing aspects such as royalty splitting, MSRP, refund policies, and limited transfers. Guest speaker, @temmanuel sheds light on the use of @ensdomains ''fuses'' and token gating, and touches upon the use of @jsonschema to standardize NFT metadata. We also touch upon auditable databases with @darianbailey14. Stay till the end for some insightful discussions.


00:00 Intro
00:28 Is Yuga Labs dead?
01:43 NFTs ticketing
10:45 ENS fuses
15:53 Mutable media for tickets (Spent)?
18:25 Issue flyover
20:29 Auditable databases



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Episode notes

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  1. Discussing NFT event ticketing, the death(?) of Yuga Labs and blockchain-inspired database design for business (web2.5?) on Community Service Hour #72


  2. Reviewing NFT ticketing applications with @temmanuel

    Royalty split MSRP Refunds Limited # of transfers Redemptions (@ensdomains “fuses”) Token gating

    Can also use their own @jsonschema to standardize NFT metadata

  3. Is @yugalabs dead?

    No. Going strong. Some days one of your million community efforts flops. Or even the hardware hosting the event flops.


  4. Auditable databases with @darianbailey14

    Current use cases, roadblocks to adoption? Quick demo with SQLite Comparing inclusion proofs with blockchain SOX compliance