73 / Moon dust
Bringing things we learned from crypto back to Earth

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating concept of moon dust: bringing back ideas from the 2021 crypto bull markets to the real world. We examine the multifaceted dimensions of this idea, including Token-curated registries, their implications, and how moon dust fits into this wider narrative. Tune in as we explore if regulators are prepared for this paradigm shift.


00:00 Intro
01:17 TCR article
07:35 Specific example: bet on high school basketball
09:34 First moon dust paper
10:28 Auditable versioned databases
12:12 Better audits with Merkle proofs
12:45 Will regulators buy it?
15:23 Minimizing email discovery w Merkle
18:20 What is moon dust?



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Episode notes

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Longest Running blockchain (Surety Company) - Stewart Haber & Bell labs wanted to digitally notarize things in 1995 - used a hash of things that they notarized and published (all hashes) in New York times for 23yrs 52 issues.