75 / Live from Tallinn and Tokyo

In this episode, we discuss topics from Estonia''s government transparency to ocean measurement data on blockchain, MEV bot, fashion clothing in NFT, and security in crypto. We also hear from data sciences professionals talking about their work on NFT platforms and ZKP learning. Featuring a roundtable with diverse perspectives, this episode brings you a treasure trove of insights from across the globe.


00:00 Introduction
00:29 Live from Tallinn and Tokyo
02:41 @JeremMcKane / record ocean measurements, blockchain



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Episode notes

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  1. Thank you everyone for staying to the end of the Community Service Hour #75!
  2. First time ever, the roundtable!

Welcome @dtedesco1 checking in from Tokyo, during the day working on games and growth at Google

Welcome @jeremymckane working on ocean data measurement and accountability with BVI

Welcome @UrbanWarriorNFT into fashion clothing, looking at NFT projects to share an important story

Welcome @037 in community security and applying skills in getting into crypto

Welcome @retromort working in data science, also working on NFT platform for linux, interested in ZKP and NFT learning

Welcome @ellievoxel working in AR VR media design and just dropped her first album on Spotify

Welcome @t012n4do just passed CompTIA Security+ exam and looking at career options

  1. Thank you @0xfoobar for the MEV insight. So we seeing basically this is a beat-them-or-join-them situation


  2. Maybe there is a long-term new way to share the “mempool” in a network which is less vulnerable to MEV (maybe using smaller peer-to-peer commitments and reputation)