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Good enough for your business?

Highlighting its utility as a tool to claim digital badges or "Bookmarks for life". While the mobile app showcased a count of collected POAPs and allowed users to log in via email instead of a wallet address, challenges surfaced around onboarding, especially for those without a pre-existing digital wallet. Onboarding is managed by Privy.io. Questions arose about the product's revenue model, its smart contract, and the roles within the project. The episode also touched on POAP's pronunciation and acknowledged technical audio issues.


00:00 Intro
00:45 Anyone use POAP?
02:52 Start at POAP.xyz
05:09 My secret event
05:34 Email redemption flow
06:35 Customer experience
07:37 The web3 onboarding
10:57 Time limited events
12:27 Smart contract review



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