97 / Stack Overflow
They will chase you down

Creative strategies for engaging audiences in crypto during a bear market, focusing on education and community building. Insights into the necessity of user-friendly platforms for artists in relation to tech complexities.


00:00 Intro
00:14 Stack Overflow hunt down
01:12 Batch minting at contract deployment
03:51 Authentication bypass
09:46 Setting up Alchemy
12:27 Bored Apes IP
13:05 Custom coffee foam
13:29 Get inspired
16:29 The Legend Decent intro
17:20 Music on Cardano
20:39 dLearning



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Episode notes

Edit these notes…


  1. Preminted NFTs answer clarification from StackOverflow https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/133560/minting-100-erc721-nfts-in-constructor
    1. Su Squares Discord @James
  2. Authentication bypass https://github.com/giekaton/php-metamask-user-login/issues/28
  3. Twitter Spaces (fully?) functioning on web!


  1. Cyber Coffee Club
    1. Using BAYC IP for the brand
    2. Extreme sports
    3. Lending to build local businesses
  2. Coffee Apes from the back of a Tesla
  3. Twitter list – Will will recommend
    1. Link to projects on Github
    2. Eventually badging
  4. The upcoming schedule
    1. Tweet it / post playhouse
      1. Complaining about NFTs
      2. History of NFT
      3. How to choose a blockchain for use case // why are there different chains? // @meadowmarque @begumbitir asking educational content
  5. Will’s new name: DADDY-721
  6. Why do you check your coats at a coat check? // custody security problem for NFT
  7. https://dl.acm.org/doi/fullHtml/10.1145/3559795.3559806

William Entriken (Daddy721) in the ERC-721 standard that enabled NFTs by finishing standard someone else started.

Legend met Entriken (Daddy721) at conference, did karaoke without knowing he created NFT standard.

Security vulnerability found in MetaMask login code on GitHub allowed editing other users’ data. Proposed fixes.

CyberCoffee will use NFT IP for new coffee business and accept crypto via Alchemy.

Musician uses NFT music sales on Cardano for revenue. Says onboarding is challenging.

Upcoming IRS regulations may complicate crypto onramps. Crypto should focus on community/audience.

Artists should demand better platforms, not get bogged down in tech.

Proposed “X list” to rate/endorse developers based on delivered projects to recommend.

Planned educational Twitter Spaces on blockchain for bear market, both technical and non-technical.