102 / NFT market report
with Gauthier

Reviewing the state of NFT markets with Gauthier, who co-founded NonFungible.com and manages NFT 18. Discussing new metrics such as market volume, hold length, wash trading, and performance of specific segments like collectables. Understanding how the market evolves and provides insights for both investors and cultural contributors.


00:00 Intro
03:09 Which important metrics
04:15 Gauthier vs. robots
07:24 The alpha metric
12:53 What is "community"?



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Episode notes

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  1. NFT market report / with Gauthier
    1. Background
    2. Cofound NonFungible.com
    3. NFT 18 @nft18_reporting
      1. New metrics: volume of markets/loss trading
      2. Hold length (velocity/liquidity)
      3. e.g. “How long are photography projects held”
    4. Battling against media/lack of knowledge about NFTs, they just look at any statistic and use it (“what’s wash trading??! lol”)
    5. The tagline “What journalists need to learn about wash trading”
    6. ALPHA! Market update!: used to be holding 23 days now vs. 100 days before, which blockchain are actually dead?, which segment loses money (collectables)
    7. How do we support Zoup? The B2B report – one free version of the report, and the nov edition will have pro version < USD 100 / sign up at https://nft18.com/
    8. NFT 18, why 18 (because started 2018)
    9. How can we build/invest in culture to improve value of NFTs // an event in Paris in a couple weeks for big brands chief digital staff // nobody asked how to understand NFT markets // we must be proactive if we are going to inform them, don’t critize, just to move forward /// in market research you need to see qty, and qual (why), look at Axie Infifity, it is growing so fast, but due to inflation and tokenomics, and that also explains the rise AND fall
    10. Tech review: other ERC standards // refer to other tech ppl on his team // the dataprovider datahash is only looking at 721 and 1155 // altchain/sidechains represent < 5% of market volume
    11. Art Tactic NFT Art Market Report 2021 / Men Dominate NFT Art Sales / https://twitter.com/cryptonerdylady/status/1727095919466926506/photo/1
    12. How about DAOs? / look at “communities”: ppl making mone vs. building, / we attracted a lot of traders, but DAOs may be the right kind of community we want to see and can a positive impact on NFTs // how does money vs. influence work? / what about pushing influence to make money?
  2. @gauthier_z What is the state of markets in October?
  3. Dan’s POAP URLs