103 / Token standards
looking at 2/721/1155 extensions and BRC-20

Exploring Ethereum token extensions and signatures, and checking out the BRC-20 standard. POAPs are flying—don't forget to claim yours!


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Episode notes

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Looking at Ethereum token extensions using messages:

  1. ERC-2616 DRAFT
  2. ERC-3009 DRAFT
  3. EIP-712 the signing gold standard
  4. ERC 4494 DRAFT

And BRC-20, thank you CoinGecko for that market breakdown.

  1. @rito_rhymes I’m wondering what the overlap is and whether these are relevant and if these might be cited in the actual UAS ERC:
    1. https://anettrolikova.medium.com/permits-as-free-approval-messages-for-signing-transactions-6f9b7c1b7ee0
      1. This is just a zeitgeist article. When we publish we should get in there too
  2. @0x7Jay Hi William, any thoughts on BRC-20?
  3. https://chat.openai.com/g/g-OtShcIdU5-captain-planet-reboot
  4. https://chat.openai.com/g/g-P7yzux39t-tasky
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